Wednesday, 26 May 2010

how to tell you're a grown up

My son turned three recently, which has prompted several conversations about what being grownup means. He seems confident he's more or less there now, but does concede there are a handful of desirable things that only grownups can do. After much debate, he has boiled these down to:
1. Cut with sharp scissors
2. Shave
3. Change a lightbulb when it's blown
4. Drive a cement mixer
5. Swim in your pyjamas (I think this relates to some older kids he saw doing lifesaving practice at the local swimming pool)

The more I look at this list, the more I think it roughly covers it. As for the moment I finally gave up on the illusion that I am in any way still young, it was probably last week, walking through some water meadows nearby which are popular with tourists.
I didn't just tut at the rubbish left behind by last weekend's picnickers: I actually picked it up and took it home.
Which means I have finally become my mother.


  1. I just love your son's definition of grown-up because it means I'm not one as I can't drive a cement truck. Yippee! I'm also a bit of a liability with sharp scissors.... Lucy x

  2. What a great list!

    Just because you've turned into your mother you needn't worry. My Mum's 89 and she still doesn't shave and she can't drive a car, let alone a cement mixer, so get that illusion back ... now!!!!!

  3. Oooh come on Gaby, there's loads more....

    1. Being allowed to eat your pudding before your main course - or even just pudding on its own if you want (that's my personal favourite.)
    2. Being able to go to bed when you like.
    3. Not having to go to school (actually come to think of it, that might be my personal favourite.)

    Being a grown-ups great. Who would want to be a kid again?

  4. Love the list as it too means I can't be a grown up!! Although, having said that, I think it is perfectly normal that you picked litter up and took it home...and I don't even have children.

    Loving the blog. (Thanks Grazia for the introduction.) I too 'used to be somebody' but for different reasons to you, lost that identity. I'm hoping to be 'somebody' again very soon, maybe someone bigger and better than I was before!!


  5. I don't think I am terribly mature ( ahem ) I am the youngest of five and I had a forward view of adulthood and I wasn't terribly sold - bad make up ( all 3 teenage sisters ) sitting down a lot, not playing or laughing enough, not climbing trees on a daily basis.

    I'm still not great with scissors. However I like drinking tea from nice china cups, have a bit of a thing for new bedlinen and can't stand reality TV. Mmm not sure where I am xx

  6. I think we're all destined to become our mothers

    Do like the list of grown up things -yup more or less covers it all!

  7. Not sure if I'm a grown up as don't swim in my pyjamas and with regards the litter; I have been your mother for a number of years!!

  8. Love it! My just-about-to turn three year old has been doing 'man' jobs with his Daddy today. People dropping litter out of cars is what gets me most - going to get myself in to trouble one day though! Just adore your blog - every post hits a nerve!

  9. I think Tracey Thorn had it right when she said 'the heart remains a child'. In other news, be glad you no longer live in London. Seeing hoodies drop litter makes my blood boil so much I want to go and stuff it down the arsecrack of their plainly visible pants (as their jeans are slung so low). I'll be reading the Daily Mail next.

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