Friday, 4 December 2009

the point of blogging

I must be a glutton for punishment. After a rather bracing exchange of views here on marriage, I've just written for the Guardian's Comment is Free on Sally Bercow (wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons and wouldbe Labour MP who gave a rather eyewatering interview about her own past and her current views of David Cameron). The brief was what happens to relationships when two people of opposite political convictions fall in love.
So I was already thinking about how to have a civilised argument when I saw halfthestory's comment on the marriage post, saying that "I prefer to argue with people whose opinions I value even if I don't agree with them."
I thought that rather briliantly summed up what I hope this blog will be about: sometimes fierce but always civilised exchanges of views between people of general goodwill, who are open to learning from each other. No doubt we'll disagree from time to time, but it needn't always lead to divorce. Have a nice weekend (yes including you, man who thinks I look like Hitler's mistress...)


  1. Arf arf … got that did you Eva ? Hey you are nudging into line aren’t you .I wonder if there is “A Conservative trapped inside” - ( Winner of last years sum up the Observer in four words competition ) .Anyway on “Civilised Exchanges":

    “there is nothing irrational in exercising other powers than our reason. On certain occasions and for certain purposes the real irrationality is with those who will not do so” CS Lewis -

    The Conservative mind is one that values diffuse knowledge encoded tradition or , to some extent , in markets. The vainglorious schemes of ‘rational individuals’ are always suspicious. Is loyalty rational ? Are Nations rational ? Are people rational ? Thank god (literally ) you have not ,yet, reduced us to that living death.
    That’s why the banker at the civilised discourse table, is the progressive .The odds are further skewed by the imposition of a colossal lie , namely that we all get out of bed concerned about society and not , for example , going into serial refurbishment and sale at the tax payers expense , (like Mr. Principled Purnell ).
    Suppose a pundit-ette has a personal experience of marriage betrays that “her” public view of it …. Just for example. Is it civilised to deny it , hypothetically speaking ?I `m not so sure .
    The subject of betrayal brings me to the unsavoury topic of Bercow . He is what Peter Mandelson would call a chump , or something . This is what I thought ,

    I’ll have a butchers hook at CIF interesting to see how at pro does it . Whats do you reckon ? She tall , blond uninhibited , he gnomely creepy , she pissed nuts , he successful determined slippery , she desperate he …still there . You see Gaby , not everything that is true can always be said . A “ Civilised Exchange of Views “ is only half the story , at best.

    Good blog this , three boys and work keeps me quiet mostly but thus far v interesting

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