Sunday, 22 November 2009

occupational hazards

This is baffling, given that working from home has given me an unrivalled opportunity to hoover up all the small boy's leftover fishingers. But my clothes are noticeably looser than they were before I quit.
So far I have two possible explanations:
1.It's official: stress makes you fat! (something to do with, um, hormones, and cortisol, and fat deposited around the waist - it must be true, it was in the Daily Mail)
2. It's official: eating KitKats from the office vending machine all the time makes you fat! Who knew, eh?
Other noticeable health effects so far: I've pretty much stopped getting migraines, which I used to get about once a week (not sure if that's getting more sleep, not staring at a computer screen all day, or possibly Kit Kat related again.)
On the minus side, my back is killing me from lugging a small child around. So far, the health jury is out....


  1. Kitkats make you fat and give you migraines?! They never mention THAT in the ads do they?

  2. Daily mail = Don't get me started.

    At least this should make tightening the belt easier?

  3. I had cluster migraines all my working life. When I retired - they stopped. I enjoyed my job(s), but.......

  4. Don't need to go to a gym with a small person around either - biceps of steel, reflexes of a fox and ability to go from 0 to 60 in under 2 seconds to rival a Porsche. The dodgy back and fraught nerves, well all part of the job really.

  5. a boychild. The secret to many a harried mother's weight loss!